REA Steam Cleaning

Industrial Steam Generators

Mobile Steam Generators

Mobile steam generators provide the user with the ability to wash throughout the facility. The reduced water consumption prolongs use without refilling with water.

Stationary Steam Generators

Stationary steam generators are ideal for inline cleaning and degreasing. They integrate into your production process and perform exceptionally when cleaning conveyor belts.

Parts & Accessories

The right tool for the application. We offer a wide variety of lance options, nylon and steel bushes, and suction brushes to help users get the job done right.

REA has manufactured industrial steam generators with powers from 9 to 144 kW since 1986 for high performance and durability.

Rea steam generators for washing and sanitizing are entirely designed and manufactured for us in Italy. The steam generators are made of stainless steel for lasting durability; Rea is the only one to offer two types of steam hose: the “heavy duty” one – the most resistant available on the market – and the “comfort” one – aimed at a more ergonomic and less burdensome use. In addition, Rea creates customized products for customers with specific needs.

Environmental sustainability and innovation.

Rea steam generators saves water and chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing.