Professional accessories for steam use

REA STEAM CLEANING offers a range of accessories for washing, degreasing and sanitizing any surface.

Lances, brushes, scrapers, brushes with suction, floor washers and any type of tool can be made according to customer specifications. All accessories are manufactured in house ensuring quality construction and customization is available.

The tools used for suction are paired with a range of vacuum cleaners designed to withstand high temperatures.  Download the Brochure

Case with Basic Accessories

Case with basic accessories set consisting of:

  • Lance 78 cm long
  • Brush holder brush
  • Round brush with steel bristles,
  • Squeegee with rubber spatula width 35 cm
  • Short lance gun.

Heavy Duty Steam Lance

Used only on Giove control units with power equal to or greater than 54kW, or on Giove NG control units that manage steam flows equal to or greater than 100 kg / h.

Long Lance

The lance can be used on uneven surfaces or on complex machinery, to remove residues from areas not accessible with common brushes. The tool must be brought as close as possible to the surface to be cleaned to get the full benefit of the power of the steam jet. Available in 78 and 110 cm lengths.

Short Lance

An excellent tool for cleaning of small surfaces and sections of complex machines.

Wide Jet Lance

Like the long lance but produces a jet with a wider fan.

Vacuuming Short Lance

Very useful tool for small surface areas. It can reach obscure spots and since it is used with the vacuum, steam and dirty water is removed, leaving the surface dry

7cm Multi Hole Lance for Cleaning Flat Surfaces

Useful for quickly cleaning flat surface areas.

Brush Holder Tool

Adapter to use the various types of brushes supplied. It is available in two versions, standard and 40cm.

Bushes with Steel or Nylon Bristles

Used with the brush holder tool, brushes combined with steam are very effective in removing material that is encrusted on the area needed to be cleaned

Squegee with Spatula

Squeegee for washing and sanitizing flat surfaces (walls, tables, worktops, glass, etc. It will leave the surfaces dry, moving the water and residual condensation on the floor. Available in 25, 35, and 45cm widths.

Spatula for Floor Washing

Quickly washes and sanitizes floors. It allows you to move the water and condensation to an area with drainage. 50cm width.

Suction Brush

Contains nylon bristles. The silicone sheath allows to create the necessary depression to vacuum up the material you want removed. Used for washing and sanitizing flat surfaces or conveyor belts where complete suction of. Available in 7, 25, and 33cm widths.

Floor Washing Mop

Steam or Steam plus detergent floor cleaning tool with nylon or steel brushes and capable of vacuuming. It allows for washing and sanitization of any washable floor, plus drying. Available in 35 and 70 cm widths.

Armchair Washing Brush

Metal brush for washing, sanitizing and drying armchairs and seats

Extension for Accessories

Steam or steam + detergent extensions, suitable for all accessories.