In-Line Washing and Degreasing

A highly effective solution is in-line washing and degreasing using steam. It offers immediate savings in terms of detergent costs, reduced water consumption and labor.

Steam washing and degreasing on industrial, mechanical, food and pharmaceutical production lines

Steam washing and degreasing offers a number of advantages over the traditional manual method (rag with chemicals and solvents):

    • Fast and safe for the operator (no physical contact with chemicals)
    • Economical (no dirty water to dispose of, does not dirty the floor or walls, unlike high pressure washing, no need to disassemble or mask sensitive parts)
    • Safe for machinery, the contained pressure (145 PSI), does not damage sensitive components such as electrical parts, sensors, gaskets, filters.
    • Equipment can be immediately reused after cleaning. The steam treated surface increases in temperature and dries by immediate evaporation.